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3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine

3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine

    • 3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine
    • 3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine
    • 3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine
    • 3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine
  • 3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Guangdong Zhongshan China
    Brand Name: TOUPACK
    Model Number: TY-A-M94-2

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: wooden case
    Delivery Time: 10-25 working days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
    Supply Ability: 100set per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Application:: Granular, Powdered Or Other Types Power Requirement:: 220V/110V, /50/60HZ/10A
    Max Speed:: 40 P/M After Warranty Service:: Video Technical Support, Online Support
    Building Material:: 304SUS Material Hopper Volume:: 3.0L
    Max. Weighing:: 500g
    High Light:

    304SUS Powder Weighing Machine


    3.0L Powder Weighing Machine


    3.0L Powder Multihead Weigher

    Chicken Powder Packing Linear Weigher High Accuracy Milk Powder Weighing Machine



    Applicable for weighing of different kinds of granular, powdered products such as sugar, rice, chicken essence seasoning, seeds, salt, powdered milk / coffee / seasoning, etc.
    Main Function & Features:
    1. 7” color touch screen with multi-language operating system. Software can be upgraded through USB.
    2. SUS 304 / 316 body structure for option. IP65 water-proof design.
    3. Factory parameter setup recovery. 99 product parameters can be preset to meet different parameter program requirements.
    4. Amplitude can be automatically adjusted for easy operation.
    5. Each hopper can function as one head weigher.
    6. Meet four kinds of blended product weighing and packaging.
    7. Open-close mode of step motor drive is applied for 3.0L hopper.
    8. Pneumatic open-close mode is applied for 10L hopper.
    9. Modular control system design for easy maintenance and low cost.





    Model TY-A-M94-2 TY-A-M94-3

    Max. Weighing

    (one hopper)

    2000g 5000
    Accuracy x (0.5) x (0.5)
    Min. Scale Interval 0.1g 0.1g
    Max. Speed 50 p/M 40 p/M
    Hopper Volume 3.0L 10L
    Control System MCU MCU
    HMI 7” touch screen 7” touch screen
    Power Supply AC220V ±10% 50HZ/60HZ, 1KW AC220V ±10% 50HZ/60HZ, 1KW
    Packing Dimension 1,310(L)×1,020(W)×935(H)mm 1,484(L)*1,300(W)*1,730(H)mm
    Package weight 242 kg 270kg



    3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine 03.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine 1

    3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine 2

    3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine 3

    3.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine 43.0L 304SUS Chicken Milk Powder Weighing Machine 5

    How multihead weighing works

    A 'typical target' weight per pack might be 100 grams of a product. The product is fed to the top of the multihead weigher where it is dispersed to the pool hoppers. Each pool hopper drops the product into a weigh hopper beneath it as soon as the weigh hopper becomes empty.
    The weigher's computer determines the weight of product in each individual weigh hopper and identifies which combination contains the weight closest to the target weight of 100g. The multihead weigher opens all the hoppers of this combination and the product falls, via a discharge chute, into a bagmaker or, alternatively, into a distribution system which places the product, for example, into trays.
    Dispersion is normally by gravity, vibration or centrifugal force, while feeding can be driven by vibration, gravity, belts, or screw systems.
    An extra layer of hoppers ('booster hoppers') can be added to store product which has been weighed in the weigh hoppers but not used in a weighment, thus increasing the number of suitable combinations available to the computer and so increasing speed and accuracy.

    How multihead weighing can help a business

    Multihead weighing can help in the following ways:
    Filling bags
    The range of bags which can be filled using multihead weighers is immense. At one end of the scale are large catering packs of many kilogrammes. At the other are small bags of crisps which can be handled at high speed and efficiency.
    Products containing up to eight components can be mixed on a multihead weigher, very accurately at high speeds. The weigher is divided into sections, each with its own infeed. For example, a breakfast cereal containing hazelnuts and dried fruit plus two relatively cheap ingredients, could be weighed on a multihead with say eight heads devoted to each of the more expensive components and four heads to each of the other two. This would ensure high weighing speed while ensuring that overfilling of the expensive ingredients was negligible.
    Placing into trays
    A well-engineered distribution system enables you to combine the speed and accuracy of multihead weighing with precise, splash-free delivery of product into trays.


    Multihead weighers were used initially for weighing certain vegetables. Their use expanded exponentially in the 1970s and 1980s when they were applied to the rapid weighing of snacks and confectionery into bags. What cherry tomatoes and crisps had in common was that they flowed easily through the machine and into the pack, with no more encouragement than gravity and a moderate level of vibration of the feeders. Since then, the accuracy and relative speed have been extended to many products which would in the early days of the technology have been seen as difficult to handle.
    Sticky products
    Fresh meat and fish, whether in a sauce or not, poultry and cheese (including grated cheese) can be moved along by using belts or screw feeders rather than vibration.
    Granules and powders
    While free-flowing, fine-grained powders can be weighed more cheaply by other means (such as cut-gate or linear weighers, or volumetric feeders), granules such as coffee granules and products such as loose tea can be weighed on today's multiheads.
    Fragile products
    Weighers with more shallow angles of descent and various cushioned inserts have made it possible to pack delicate and brittle items such as hand-made chocolates and gourmet biscuits.
    Complex products
    Using mix-weighing combined with a distribution system tailored to deliver separate components into a tray, a ready meal can be assembled with just the right quantities of, say, rice, meat and vegetables in the appropriate compartments.


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