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220V 50Hz Powder Multihead Weigher With 1.2L Hopper 90 Times / Min

220V 50Hz Powder Multihead Weigher With 1.2L Hopper 90 Times / Min

90 Times / Min Powder Multihead Weigher

1.2L Hopper Powder Multihead Weigher

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Product Details
Hopper Quantity:
Hopper Volume:
Weighing Speed:
60-90 Times/min
Control System:
Touch Screen
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Product Description

220V/50Hz Powder Multihead Weigher with Touch Screen Display

Product Description:

The Fruit Multihead Weigher is a single head, 14 head multihead weigher with a linear multihead weigher design. It is powered by a 220V/50Hz power supply and features a PLC control system for easy and precise operation. With dimensions of 1750*1400*1600mm, it features 10-14 hoppers, providing the perfect solution for weighing and packing fruits. This machine is designed to be highly reliable and effective, with a focus on precision and accuracy.

The Fruit Multihead Weigher is perfect for a variety of applications, such as packing fruits and other food products. It is easy to operate and can be used in any environment. Its linear multihead weigher design ensures accuracy and speed for reliable and dependable performance. The PLC control system is simple to use and provides precise control of the machine, ensuring that each product is weighed and packaged in accordance with the desired specifications.

The Fruit Multihead Weigher is a great choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable and accurate machine for weighing, packing, and sorting fruits. Its reliable performance and precise control system make it the ideal choice for any setting. With its 10-14 hoppers, it is sure to provide the perfect solution for any application.



  • Product Name: Fruit Multihead Weigher
  • Weighing Speed: 60-90 Times/min
  • Air Supply: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Driving System: Servo Motor
  • Hopper Volume: 1.2L
  • Accuracy: 0.2-1g

Technical Parameters:

Property Details
Product Name Fruit Multihead Weigher
Dimensions 1750*1400*1600mm
Driving System Servo Motor
Weighing Speed 60-90 Times/min
Hopper Volume 1.2L
Display Touch Screen
Material Stainless Steel
Hopper Quantity 10-14
Control System PLC
Air Supply 0.4-0.6Mpa


abc 12 Fruit Multihead Weigher is an ideal solution for weighing fruits such as apples and oranges in a fast and accurate manner. It is manufactured with a hopper volume of 1.2L and high-quality stainless steel material, making it highly robust and reliable. The multihead weigher offers superior weighing performance with its advanced touch screen display and servo motor driving system. This linear multihead weigher is ideal for high-speed weighing of products such as single head weighers, multi head scales, and other bulk items.

The abc 12 Fruit Multihead Weigher is designed with high-tech features such as adjustable weight-sensitivity settings, multiple speed settings, and real-time monitoring of the weighing process. It is also equipped with an integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) that allows for accurate and efficient control of the weighing process. This multihead weigher is suitable for a wide range of applications such as food production, pharmaceuticals, and other food-related industries.

The abc 12 Fruit Multihead Weigher is an ideal solution for a variety of applications. It is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, providing the best possible results for a variety of weighing applications. With its advanced touch screen display, servo motor driving system, and adjustable weight-sensitivity settings, it offers superior weighing performance and accuracy. This multihead weigher is an excellent choice for high-speed weighing of single head weighers, multi head scales, and other bulk items.



Fruit Multihead Weigher

Brand Name: ABC

Model Number: 12

Place of Origin: China

Driving System: Servo Motor

Air Supply: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz

Material: Stainless Steel

Product Name: Fruit Multihead Weigher

Highlight Features:

  • Multi head Scale
  • Multi head Combination Weigher

Support and Services:

Fruit Multihead Weigher technical support and service includes:

  • Providing professional maintenance and debugging services for the Fruit Multihead Weigher
  • Providing on-site operation training and technical guidance
  • Providing timely consultation services on the use of the Fruit Multihead Weigher
  • Providing remote technical support
  • Providing a full range of spare parts to ensure the normal operation of the Fruit Multihead Weigher

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