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200WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector

200WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector

200 WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor

95mm Width Checkweigher Belt Conveyor

Place of Origin:

Guangdong Zhongshan China

Brand Name:


Model Number:

TYA-CW90 / CW120 / CW220

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Product Details
Weighing Range:
Weighing Accuracy:
Weighing Resolution:
Max Speed:
200 WPM
Belt Width:
Weighing Belt Length:
Infeed/Outfeed Belt Lenght:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 pcs
Packaging Details
Pollywood case
Delivery Time
3 - 30 days after payment arranged
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Product Description

Automatic Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector For Packaged Food Production
It is used to check if the finished products are within the preset target weight and reject the non-standard products by automatic checking device.



Model TYA-CW90 TYA-CW120 TYA-CW220
Weighing Range 200g 200g 1000g
Weighing Accuracy ±0.05g~±0.15g ±0.2g ±0.5g
Weighing Resolution 0.02g 0.1g 0.1g
Max Speed 200 WPM 150 WPM 120 WPM
Belt Width 95mm 120mm 220mm
Weighing Belt Length 200mm 200mm 400mm
Infeed/Outfeed Belt Lenght 300mm 200mm/380mm 400mm/380mm
Power Supply AC220V ±10%/1P/0.1KW AC220V ±10%/1P/0.2KW AC220V ±10%/1P/0.2KW
Control System High speed A/D sampling controller High speed A/D sampling controller High speed A/D sampling controller
Pre-set Prod. No. 99 99 99
Belt Height 800±50mm 750±50mm 750±50mm
Optional Rejector Air blower Air blower Air Blower/ Swing Arm/ Pusher

200WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector 0200WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector 1


1. What is Checkweigher?


A checkweigher is a high-precision weight measuring instrument. It is designed to check the weight of individual products during the manufacturing process on production lines.
Checkweighers are predominatly used as part of a manufacturing quality control programme. Their weighing results are required to ensure that manufacturing sites comply with local packaging laws and regulations during production.


A checkweigher ensures that every product leaving a production line is the right weight. They are key to ensuring manufacturers deliver quality products that promote high levels of customer satisfaction. Selling underweight products can result in companies being fined or subject to other penalties. Overweight products generate unnecessary and expensive product giveaway. Checkweighers can be used in near to all industries as part of an effective quality assurance system. These include: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics Beverages, Transport/logistics, Chemicals, Automotive, Metal manufacture and fabrication industries, etc.


2. What are the differences between static and dynamic checkweighers?

The main differences between static and dynamic checkweighers are:
a. Static checkweighers measure the weight of products that stand still. Dynamic checkweighers weigh products in motion.

b. Static checkweighers are used for manual weighing of products or for sample spot-checking. Dynamic checkweighers automatically check 100 % of the products produced

c. Static checkweighing is a labour intensive process. It requires manual product weighing, recording of the result and then product removal for the next weighing procedure. Dynamic checkweighing is entirely automatic. Products are weighed as they pass along a production line, with off-weight products rejected from the production line by automated removal devices such as pneumatic pusher arms or air-jets.


3. Reasons for a Checkweigher in Your Production?

Checkweighers have long been a key element of production operations, as they are capable of far more than just weighing, and can actually optimise your whole production process. Benefits of a checkweigher include:


1). avoid costly fines with 100% weight inspection
2). keep fillers operating in synchronisation
3.) save material, so as to produce more products and profits
4). mprove production processes and equipment efficiency
5). save labor and personnel costs
6). reduce false rejects and rework
7). maintain the identity of your brand


4. Why Choose Our Checkweigher?


Toupack standard and highly customized checkweigher systems are built to suit your specific applications and environment, as well as your regulatory and industry requirements. We deliver productivity and profitability via the most comprehensive line of checkweighers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and non-food industries.


A wide range of sizes and configurations (such as multi-lane checkweighers, different types of rejectors, belt-designs and product guiding systems) are available to handle nearly any container type or package design, even at high production rates, to ensure accurate product delivery, reduced giveaway, and optimized production processes.


200WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector 2200WPM Checkweigher Belt Conveyor With Drop Off Rejector 3



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